Faith Lutheran Endowment Fund

Through the years,we have been blessed with extraordinary gifts and bequests that have been invested to provide a steady and meaningful source of income to support ministry beyond that of our church operating expenses and established ministry programs.  The Fund’s purpose is twofold:

  1. to receive and invest gifts and bequests
  2. To award grants to charitable organizations and community projects for the benefit of our community, region or world.

We do not have resources to award grants of tens of thousands of dollars, but we have supported projects with a few hundred or thousand dollars.

Available funds are allocated according to a formula approved by the Faith Lutheran Church Voters Assembly each year and are managed by a committee of five members that meets four times a year.

Ministries we have supported

A few of the groups we have helped over the past few years:

  • Oak Ridge Schools Family Resource Center – assistance for needy children
  • Choices Resource Center – Crisis pregnancy resources.
  • Compassion Closet – Resources for foster children
  • Trinity Outreach Center of Hope – Homeless housing resource
  • Blossom Center for Childhood Excellence – Before- and after-school care
  • Sleep in Heavenly Peace – beds for children
  • Isaiah 117 House – Abused women’s resource.
  • Holy Trinity Lutheran Church – Assistance with building plan.
  • Lutherans in Africa – Lutheran seminary in Kenya.

Help support this ministry

We can accept gifts of money, negotiable securities (stocks , bonds etc.) or real estate. Gifts valued at less than $10,000 will be allocated for current ministry needs. Gifts greater than $10,000 will be invested and the interest earned will be used for current ministry. The investment principle will last as long as the church. Donations of any size may be placed in the offering plate at church, mailed to the church office (1300 Oak Ridge Turnpike) or online through this Website. For large donations you may wish to meet with an officer of the Endowment Committee. Just click here to e-mail the church and set up a meeting.

Request a grant

Click the button below to download a grant request form. The completed form can be sent to the church office by email or regular mail. The Endowment Committee will consider the request at their next meeting.

Please note that we prefer to make grants to ministries with a track record of effective community ministry. It helps to let us know what you have done in the past and how this grant will help add or enhance ministry. We typically require more detailed information about start-ups and unproven ministry proposals.

Christian Education Fund

Our Christian Education Fund is similar to, but separate from,  the general Endowment Fund. These donations and legacies are dedicated to providing assistance with Christian education at any level, but with a priority for people planning to be pastors or church workers.We have helped elementary and high school students who desire to attend a Lutheran school even if they have not yet decided on a career in church work.

Non-Lutheran education will be facilitated only under exceptional circumstances.

Education we have supported

  • Concordia Seminary student Andy Wrassman (now a pastor)
  • Concordia Seminary student (now a pastor)
  • Concordia Seminary Student
  • Concordia Theological Seminary student Alex Ogden
  • Adopt-A-Student programs at both seminaries.

Request an education grant

Click the button below to request support for Christian education.

We are currently developing a form specifically for education, but for the moment you can use the Endowment Grant Request and enter the name of the school and the student’s name for the organization name. Do not supply a tax ID. For the project description, indicate your educational goals and need for additional help. You can attach another page with as much information as you feel is relevant.